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The popularity of Aquarium hobby has grown steadily over the years as people look to bring a little piece of nature into their homes. Aquariums offer an amazing way to appreciate the beauty and diversity of natural aquatic life. Regardless of its size, an aquarium can become a decorative focal point in any environment. The large variety of aquariums, cabinets and equipment in the market today provide an unlimited amount of options, ensuring that there is something for everyone. The inhabitants of an aquarium do not make any noise, they do not dirty the house, they do not need to be taken out, they only require a minimum amount of care and the kind of technical equipment that even a child is able to operate. There is no other hobby which like the aquarium offers the possibility of living in daily contact with nature. Furthermore, this small aquatic world is really 'INTACT', it does not mean that animals have to suffer in a cage or in a living space that is too small for them. In an aquarium that functions properly the hobbyist will be able to see and enjoy the proliferation of both tropical fish and plants. Aquariums have many positive attributes that extend well beyond being decorative. Research has indicated a link between watching an aquarium and the reduction of stress. Finding a chance to relax in today’s fast paced world has become difficult, at best. The aquarium provides a living display, which allows observers in a variety of environments, such as Legal, Medical and Corporate Offices, as well as Restaurants, Hotel Lobbies and Homes etc to relax and compose their thoughts.